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AI Project Development

Our company specializes in outsourcing services for AI development projects. We understand the importance of artificial intelligence in today’s business world and are committed to helping our clients stay ahead by providing the most advanced AI solutions. Our team of AI development experts is composed of highly qualified professionals with an average of 5 years of experience in the field. They have a deep knowledge of the latest technologies and are able to provide cutting-edge solutions tailored to the specific needs of our clients.

Développement de projet IA - AI Project Development
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The 3 Crucial Steps for an AI project

Step I – Project planning, data collection and processing.

Extremely important and crucial, this first step explores the reasons why you have decided to implement an AI project in your operations and anticipates if the solution can work and be profitable. At the very beginning of the project, you will need to make sure of the quality of your data and you will likely need to work on it (data pre-processing) as raw data is usually not consumable and a transformation pipeline is required.

Step II – Designing and training the Machine Learning model.

There are many types of machine learning models. It can be effective to use a neural network or more simply another model that does not rely on deep learning such as a random tree or a support vector machine. Often several trials are necessary to choose an architecture that presents good results. Then, the training dataset is re-used to fine-tune the model’s parameters. Once the required accuracy is achieved, the model is ready for deployment.

Step III – Deployment and maitenance.

For a model to be used in production, it must be uploaded to an environment that is conducive to its proper functioning. Given that it is a file that has an “impossible” (and useless) format to open, it must be connected to APIs. The nature of the APIs depends on the context. If we’re developing a web project, we use JavaScript APIs because our developers are excellent with Node.js but Python can also be used very well. AI projects are also sometimes intended for industrial applications and in this case, we will turn to APIs in C or other low-level language.

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Development Phase

We will guide you through each of the steps mentioned above. To obtain the best results, you will need to feed the pipeline of your dedicated developers. We will guide you through each of the steps mentioned above. We commit to a method and validation set, as well as a minimum accuracy to be achieved. Don’t hesitate to refer to our article on the Agile methodology so that the development of your project goes as smoothly as possible.
We also believe in the importance of data privacy and security. We understand that AI projects often involve sensitive data and we take the necessary measures to ensure that our clients’ data is protected at all times. Our team is knowledgeable in laws and regulations.
Methodologie pour Agile pour développement de projet IA - AI Project Development
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Clear and concise monitoring is necessary to optimize the time and efforts of developers. To do this, we offer the possibility to use a time tracking service that is well suited to AI projects. In case you prefer to use Jira or another tool, we are also open to align with your requests.

If you need a technology not listed here, please don’t hesitate to let us know your needs.

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